Clay Bricks

About Clay Paving Stones

Every homeowner or commercial establishment owner wants their property to look unique and it is why they look for products and features that have a distinctive appeal; and that is exactly what clay pavers are. Here are some facts about these product:

  • They are a natural product that lend a luxurious, authentic and original character to your landscape
  • These brick pavers are incredibly strong as they are fired till they are hard and resilient
  • They can easily last for decades with very little maintenance
  • The colors don’t fade even after exposure to the UV rays of the sun and other natural elements

Clay Pavers
Clay Pavers
Clay Permeable Pavers
Clay Permeable Pavers
Old Chicago Bricks
Old Chicago Bricks

Permeable Clay Paving

There are a number of benefits to using these clay paver stones:

  • They are an environmentally-friendly solution for allowing natural water drainage into the ground underneath.
  • Available in a variety of colors, shades and textures
  • You can opt for smooth finish, polished paver stones as well as rough-cut antique finish clay paving
  • Look stunning in residential as well as commercial spaces
  • Many areas have pervious surface restrictions or mandates of onsite infiltration/retention; and permeable pavers are an excellent option in these settings.
  • These units can be set with large spacers that provide open joint drainage.
  • Clay brick pavers are resistant to chemicals, road salt and severe frost
  • They only require an occasional pressure-wash, to keep them clean.
  • They also promote a very good balance of water in the sub-soil since all the rain water that falls on them gets drained away via the installation’s joints
  • Ideal for borders, drives, paths and patios
  • Made without any artificial/chemical additives and no top layers
  • Available in small sizes and you can use them in more compact outdoor spaces as well as larger driveway and commercial entranceways etc.

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